My name is Kathy and I’m a bower-bird that likes shiny new things in the form of nail polish and lip products.  I am a recovering lip gloss junkie that has moved up to a love of hybrid lip products like the YSL rouge couture shine range (damn you with your high pigment, luxe packaging and lip gloss equivalent shine –  and slightly sweet taste, yum).

In defense of my bower-bird-dom, I will not make a purchase without a swatch first.  I must see swatches.  I will spend hours and hours searching and sometimes to no avail, but I cannot commit to the purchase until I have at least seen it somewhere.

Sometimes, that somewhere is nowhere.   Surely I can’t be the only one needing swatches? What does it look like on the nail?  What does it look like on the lip?  Does it have a funky smell?  Does it travel?  What is the wear like?  Is this chip-tastic? If you are like me, then this site is for you – and if you’re not, they’re still pretty pictures of pretty products.