Chanel Alchimie #591

I love Chanel nail polish.

Alchimie is a light khaki green polish with microshimmer, so much so it almost looks metallic.   It has moments of duo-chromeness, but isn’t a true duo-chrome.  From some angles it looks greener and other angles it looks a bit more antique-gold.  Either way, it’s super pretty.

The main drawback of this polish is the brushstrokey-ness.  Due to its high shimmer verging on metallic nature, there are going to be brushstrokes.  Some people don’t sweat the brushstrokes.  Others do.  I fall into the “omg this is super-brush-strokey” and my OCD kicks in and I feel the need to try to add another careful coat in the hope of minimising it.  Of course this doesn’t work.  Yet I still do it, like this time it’s going to work.  Anywho, I was super careful and my top coat did level it out to some extent, but you can see the brushstrokes below.  A note of warning, if you have any lumps and bumps on your nails – this polish will highlight it.

Chanel Alchimie 591

Chanel Alchimie 591

The color is reminiscent of Chanel Peridot (which I own) which also has that green / gold thing going on but falls into the true duo-chrome category and is super-metallic.  I will dig it out and put up a post showing the differences.

Alchimie is far more wearable.  It can be subdued and work appropriate.  It won’t draw a lot of attention from afar, but when someone does look at your nails they will remark on how pretty and how different they look with this sort of color.

Chanel alchimie bottle view

Chanel alchimie bottle view

The bottle shows the different colours, the gold is highlighted plus a little bit of copper and the khaki is evident near the top of the bottle.  I love these sort of chameleon colors, something I believe Chanel does better than anyone else.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this myself from Nordstroms.

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