Chanel Azure #657

Chanel Azure is a micro-shimmery, metallic teal confection from the Chanel Summer 2013 campaign.

In the bottle you can see the blue-green flash quite clearly. The polish has micro-shimmer that makes it look metallic, but when you look closely at the polish on the nail it is made up of tiny tiny particles of glitter to give the metallic look. Unlike YSL Bronze Pyrite where it is truly a smooth metallic where on close inspection it just looks like molten metal and you can’t differentiate any shimmer or glitter.

On the nail the shimmery goodness can also be seen and the flash of green versus blue. Mr Swatchfest and I argued about whether this was green or blue. I think it’s clearly a teal leaning more green. He thinks it’s a teal leaning more blue. Either way, it’s a strikingly beautiful colour that flashes both blue and green depending on the angle.

Now onto the wear. I don’t know if is because of the shimmer but I didn’t get my usual week’s wear with this colour. I did get a little bit of tip chipping on my thumb and the odd tiny chip here and there after 3 days. I did my usual routine of basecoat, two coats of colour and top coat and was careful in the preparation like I always am, but felt that the formula just wasn’t quite up to par to the usual Chanel formula and I wonder if it has something to do with the microglitter / shimmer in these colours (eg. Alchimie, Taboo, etc).

That being said, Chanel Azure is a beautiful polish. It does have some similarities to YSL Bleu Cosmique but Chanel Azure has more of that micro-shimmer, tiny glitter particles going on, compared to YSL Bleu Cosmique which is quite metallic.

Disclaimer: Chanel Azure was purchased by me from Myer Chadstone.

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