Chanel Cosmic

Chanel Cosmic was released as part of the Fashion’s Night Out series with Magic. Cosmic is a black polish with silver micro shimmer.

We have been working hard in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year in the Swatchfest household, and Mr Swatchfest is renovating his house (Mr Swatchfest and I are not living together – we’re engaged, but not cohabiting at the moment – how very 1950’s you say? Yes). Anyway, I am being the supportive almost-wifey and assisting where I can and have donned his old clothes and some tools and have assembled kitchen cabinets, painted walls, sanded (he let me use his Festool!!!), etc. Why am I telling you this? Because my hands look like hell. Like I have run around dragging them on the concrete and my finger nails have broken and I have filed them down to little nubbins and didn’t polish them for a while (since Chanel Magic, actually) because I was busy being Miss-DIY.

So I decided that something had to be done. What can I girl do who craves polish like it is the air she breathes but has lost her pretty pretty girly nails? What can one wear when one’s nails are so impossibly short? Chanel Cosmic, baby!

Black nail polish on long fingernails looks a bit, hmmm, IMHO, a bit witchy-poo, goth, evil villainess and just plain old wrong. However on neat, shorter nails it looks impossibly chic.

I applied everything with two coats, no top, no base coat. I did not find the formula on Cosmic to be like Magic. It was easy to apply, no cuticle pooling, very smooth and very easy which is nice for a black.

The micro glitter is very subtle. It adds something to it but it doesn’t really break up the black that much. That being said, my itsy bits nails look good with the black polish (well I think so anyway) and I think I might be getting a fair amount of wear with Cosmic as we complete renovation works.

Disclaimer: I bought my Chanel Cosmic from the Chanel Beauty Boutique at Chadstone. Love love love Barbara there for holding these for me. Love you, Barbara!

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