Chanel Elixir #589

Chanel Elixir is true to the word ‘elixir’. According to, an elixir is “miraculous, magical, and maybe a little mysterious, an elixir is a sweet substance or solution that cures the problem at hand”.

I found this definition surprisingly apt.

Chanel Elixir is not particularly mysterious. What it is, is a cure for all those days where you think you want to paint your nails to have a little something something on them, but then when you get around to actually doing it you are faced with the agony of choice (well at least I am on a fairly regular basis because I have a gigantic, verging on embarrassing, amount of polish). Should I go bright? Should I go neutral? Will that clash with my clothes? Chanel Elixir, is your elixir.

In the bottle it looks a bit, well, a bit boring actually:

It looks like a rose-red, but a bit more muted. A little bit grandmotherly (you know what I mean, where some women when they get to a certain age fall into painting their nails a particular range of colours that I would describe as tawny or rosy and it is sort of pretty and polished but in the old schoolmarm sort of way). That’s sort of what the bottle colour says to me. But I assure you, that on the nail, it is WAY different (this is two coats):

Chanel Elixir is a muted red-rose colour. But it doesn’t give off that schoolmarm, old-lady vibe. It is sophisticated. It is a neutral in my books, doesn’t clash with anything, works with lots of makeup looks (if you are a bold lip wearer like I am and sometimes your lips and nails just don’t work – this isn’t the case with Elixir) and the creme finish and high gloss just make this ooze class. The formula was flawless and true to the usual wear time that I expect from a Chanel polish. If you work in a corporate setting and are worried about this being too bold, I think it’s fine (I work in a corporate setting). It isn’t retina-burning bright (unlike Chanel Lilis which can be eye-scorchingly bright in some fluorescent lighting and bright sunlight). There’s something about this colour that is just so workable. Easy. Sometimes easy is the elixir (in case you weren’t sick of my elixir puns).

Disclaimer: I bought my Chanel Elixir from the Chanel Beauty Boutique at Chadstone.

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