Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polish Formula

This is my review of the Chanel Le Vernis nail polish formula.

I have reviewed a number of Chanel polishes so far (eg. Lilis, Alchimie, Taboo), but thought that I would write a review of the formula itself, given I own a number of these beauties.

Chanel’s bottle is a rectangular glass bottle with a hefty black lid that has the interlocking c’s on it. It’s a classy looking thing (I’ve used Chanel Bel Argus here):

The lid detaches leaving a smaller lid that makes it easier to handle – obviously having a massive lid would be unwieldy if you had tiny girl hands (like me).

The brush is tiny. I have small fingernails so find the smaller brush works well for me, particularly on my pinky and index fingers. The drawback of the brush being on the smaller side is that you need to have multiple swipes at the nail to paint it evenly and therefore it is more prone to streaking, cuticle bald-spots, brush-strokes and patchiness.

That being said, I find the formula amazing. The only issues I have ever had with Chanel polishes is some of the very light, slightly sheerer polishes where painting with the smaller brush has been streaky. That and the more shimmery / metallicky polishes that are prone to showing brushstrokes (but these are in the minority – Alchimie was a little bit like this).

I consistently get one week’s wear with Chanel polishes, which is great given that for me to buy a Chanel polish in Australia is a spicy meatball at $39 AUD. Yes. Ouch. So for that amount of money it better be good. It should almost paint itself. In fact, ideally it would buy me dinner first.

I find that the longevity is consistent no matter what I lay down as a base-coat or top coat. I have the full Chanel ensemble (base-coat, two coats of colour, top coat) and I have had a week’s wear. I have laid down Revitanail as a base-coat, two coats of Chanel polish, OPI top coat and have had a week’s wear. I have used Butter London’s base and top coats. I have used Essie’s base and top coats. I have mixed it up with a permutation of the base-coats and top coats that I own and I get consistent wear time. This is not a temperamental formula and that’s why I love Chanel polishes.

The other thing I love about Chanel is their colour palette. Not to diss Essie (who are well known for their neutrals, pinks, reds), but Chanel has come out with some absolute magic colour choices. Jade. Mimosa. Khaki Vert. Coco Blue. Black Satin. Who’d have thought that Chanel would come out with green polish? Yellow polish? That it would launch a revival of black nail polish and make it mainstream and chic? It’s that that keeps me coming back for more and waiting for the new seasons to come along so I can snap up the next surprise colour offering.

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