Chanel Lilis #647

Chanel Lilis is a bright coral. I love these sorts of colours. There has not been a coral polish that I haven’t fallen in love with.

This is a smooth, creamy polish. No shimmer. Just glossy smooth perfection. This was two coats below but if you applied carefully you could get away with one coat, it’s quite saturated.

Now a little more about me raving about the colour. It is definitely orangey red. Not a very pinky coral if you know what I’m saying – that’s why I love coral coloured polishes, sometimes they lean more red, sometimes they lean more pink, sometimes they lean more orange. Sometimes if the formula is right it can be different depending on the angle. Chanel Lilis falls into this sort of category. The photo is true to the colour on the nail, but in super bright lighting it is a super-saturated and bright polish. Very bright. Absolutely gorgeous.

I also found that I had fabulous wear time with Lilis. I have had some minor formula issues with some of the other recent Chanel launches like Alchimie, Taboo, etc, where the wear time was not my usual week’s worth of wear but where I started seeing chips within day 3 or day 4. I’ve raved about the wear time before in my Chanel Le Vernis Formula review.

Chanel Lilis was not like these polishes. I don’t know if it is the lack of shimmer and therefore they are using the old formula, but this just wore and wore like the usual Chanel polishes that I know and love. I actually took it off to change colours to swatch (I suffer for the people, hehe), rather than take it off because it chipped (I have another confession, I can’t do chipped polish. Chipped polish is a gateway to further chipping and I am a picker and will pick off the polish that will leave the naked nail exposed that will then call to me… I get onto chips straight away or I will bite those virginal, pure, unpolished nail bits. I know. I’m disgusting ).

If you are looking for a bright pop of colour to brighten up your winter outfits (for my Southern Hemisphere peeps) or want to bring Summertime to your fingers and toes, Chanel Lilis screams it. It’s fun. It’s bold. It’s classy. It’s pretty.

Disclaimer: I bought this myself from Nordstroms.

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