Chanel Magic

Chanel Magic is a deep dark blue polish without any shimmer. It has a slight teal cast to it and is super super dark.

Chanel Magic was a limited release for “Vogue Fashion Night” or “Fashion’s Night Out” collection that comes out every year. I was excited to get my hands on this one, these don’t usually hit the Australian market. I grabbed these (I got cosmic too) as soon as I saw them – literally.

Chanel Magic had a slightly wetter formula to what I am used to with Chanel. I found that I had to be a little more careful to ensure that I didn’t end up with cuticle pooling of the polish. The first coat in particular had to be meticulous, the second coat I found was easier, as if the wet formula clung to the polish underneath.

That being said, it was easy, smooth and opaque in two coats. I applied a base coat for this colour thinking after my Giorgio Armani Amethyst staining, that I should be a little bit more vigilant with this one. Lucky I was…. as it stained my nails even with a base coat.

On the nail you can see the smooth, glossy perfection.

Disclaimer: I purchased Chanel Magic from the Chanel Beauty Boutique at Chadstone. A huge shout-out to Barbara who held these for me so I wouldn’t miss out (go visit her if you’re in Melbourne – she’s gorgeous (my brother has a massive crush on her) with a personality to match.

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