Chanel Mysterious #601

Chanel Mysterious is an enigma. The name is true to its colour. A mysterious one to capture and describe. This was released in their Autumn / Fall 2013 Superstition campaign with Chanel Elixir and Chanel Alchimie.

This is a very dark polish. It is a deep dark khaki green but in some lighting and situations it looks murky. Like a swampy greeny brown. I don’t mind the colour but I can understand that this isn’t a beautiful looking polish. It is an edgier one. You really must like the outlier type of colours (like I do) to truly appreciate this colour.

Mr Swatchfest HATES it. He’s usually pretty good at saying “meh” at colours or “oooh that’s nice (Chanel Bel Argus)” but he had nothing good to say about this colour.

I had a funny label on my polish that had some colour – the photo above shows it pretty clearly which does obscure the colour a little but you can see the more khaki green tones here.

The colour is a bit non-descript. It’s murky. Dark. There is some khaki to it but it does remind me of last year’s Autumn / Fall release Vertigo (which was also quite murky but was grey and had a red microshimmer that didn’t translate to the nail). Mysterious is a cream polish without any shimmer – just a solid colour on the nail.

The application again is flawless Chanel. It was easy to apply and easy to remove and the wear was consistent to what I love about the formula.

I have tried to capture the green tones in this polish which was quite hard to do. It reminded me of what happens when you are a kid and you mix all your paints together and you get this funky greeny, black, bizarre colour. That is what Chanel Mysterious looks like. It has a grey-black cast to it with some green. I did purchase this because somehow I thought the khaki would translate better to the nail but it didn’t. It could be the winter dreary lighting that isn’t doing me any favours and this might be a more fun and true dark khaki in the middle of summer – but the colour itself screams Autumn / Winter in all it’s dreariness. I wouldn’t call it depressing but it isn’t an uplifting colour. It is just different.

If you are more of a middle of the road nail polish gal and you like different and pretty, stay away from this one. If you’re like me and you like different and a bit out there, then go and suss it out in person, get some sticky-tape and swatch it on your skintone before you pull the trigger and purchase. Do I have retail remorse for this colour? Maybe a little. I don’t know if I would buy it again.

Disclaimer: I bought Chanel Mysterious from David Jones Melbourne.

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