Chanel Peridot #531

Chanel Peridot is a gold green duochrome. It came out a number of years ago (Fall 2011) and I snapped it up thinking it was quite a unique shade. I thought I’d crack it out as it seems festive to me.

Chanel Peridot when it was released was very unique and extremely popular on nail boards. I personally found it quite hard to pull off with my skintone and it is very much a look at me nail polish with it’s antique gold / green flash and uber metallic finish. Since it’s release (which was limited edition) a number of different companies have come out with similar shades (some being dupes or very close) such as OPI, Deborah Lippmann and Model’s Own (to name a few).

Now onto the colour. The following swatches are all two coats, no base, no top coat (as is the norm for my swatches so you can see the unadulterated colour and finish of the polish because I know you want to). Of course I recommend a base and top coat for longevity.

The colour is a difficult one to describe. Is it gold? Is it green? Is it antique gold? Sometimes it looks like it’s a green-edged gold. It is such a striking nail polish that it will turn heads. I wouldn’t call this one that corporate colour – best save this one for holidays, special occasions and weekends (granted I rocked it at work).

In the bottle the duochrome is apparent and looks stunning. In the light it’s shimmery and metallic and gorge-ou-s.

Disclaimer: I purchased my Chanel Peridot but it was so long ago, I can’t remember if I bought that at Changi Airport, Singapore or at Myer or David Jones.

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