Chanel Rose Moire #593

Holy dupe, Batman! Didn’t I just review something that looked exactly like Chanel Rose Moire? I think I did.

Rose Moire is a champagne pink polish. It is pretty and shimmery and metallic. Rose Moire was released in the Rouge Allure Moire collection – a collection of Rouge Allure lipsticks with shimmer and two polishes, Rose Moire and Rouge Moire.

I swear that it looks very very very similar to Marc Jacobs Gatsby, so much so that Mr Swatchfest said “aren’t these two the same colour?”. Of course I said they weren’t and that the Rose Moire had microshimmer / micro glitter through it and that made it significantly different. The truth be told though, I think he was right.

In the bottle Chanel Rose Moire is a metallic looking champagne-pink confection. It’s pretty. It’s shiny. It applies with visible brush strokes (unlike Marc Jacobs Gatsby) and care must be taken when applying this polish because of the propensity for it to look a little streaky.

The formula was the usual Chanel nail polish formula, relatively easy to apply (once you got over the brush stroke thing) and opaque in two coats. The swatches are all two coats of colour, no top coat. Top coat didn’t alter the shimmer factor on this polish (as it can do with some where top coat makes it pop).

As for wear, I found the wear of this similar to Chanel Alchimie where it started to chip earlier than I’m used to with Chanel polishes. That being said, it wasn’t plagued with the scuff issue I found on Marc Jacobs Gatsby. Given the cost difference between Gatsby and Rose Moire and that neither of them was perfect or particularly hard wearing and long wearing, I would probably lean towards the Marc Jacobs on price point (even with scuff issue) rather than the brush-strokey Rose Moire. I know. That’s a huge call for me as a Chanel-o-phile, but it’s double the price for me in $AU and I’m not getting double the price of wear, enjoyment, uniqueness, etc.

Disclaimer: I purchased this from the Chanel counter at Myer Chadstone.

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