Chanel Rouge Moire #595

Chanel Rouge Moire is a deep berry red with a shimmery metallic finish. It was released in the Rouge Allure Moire collection with Rose Moire.

Rouge Moire is a pearlescent red. The pearly sheen is a little bit on the pale pink side, with the overall base colour of the polish being red, giving it a more of a berry tone overall. It also mutes the colour slightly so it isn’t an in-your-face type of red.

In the bottle the shimmer and pearl are very apparent.

The awesome thing about both of the polishes in the Rouge Allure Moire collection, is that the pearlescence translates to the nail. I found that Rouge Moire was far more forgiving that Rose Moire with the brush strokes. Rouge Moire is a metallic berry red and applies smoothly with two coats. It is very pigmented and you could get away with one coat if you felt like a quick mani, but I did two for all the swatches here.

The wear time on this one was better than Rose Moire. I had edge wear, but you do with these types of colours, and it was easy to remove and easy to apply. I didn’t get exceptional wear like most of my Chanel’s but it was better than some of the recent shimmery polishes that Chanel has come out with in the last few releases.

I didn’t find this colour particularly unique. It’s pretty, yes, but is it dupe-able, no doubt. I am not sure if it is worth the splurge, if you love Chanel polishes and feel like you must have it, great, but if you are on the fence and feel like you should be spending your money more wisely, I’d reconsider purchasing this. I don’t think it’s particularly special for the price point. I also think that it is slightly muted and almost falls into that holiday type of vibe. It is a great colour if you love reds but don’t want your nails to speak too loudly, but overall I think OPI does these colours at $10 (or $20 AU) and when you look at $39AU for one of these, it’s hard to justify the purchase without feeling retail remorse.

Disclaimer: I purchased Chanel Rouge Moire from Myer Chadstone.

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