Chanel Taboo #583

Well hello there.  <picks self off floor, leaving a little puddle of dribble behind>.  This. Is. Stunning. OMG.

Let’s look at the color in the bottle first.  I know that usually I do the swatches on the nail first and the bottle second, but the bottle is just drop dead gorgeous.  The depth.  The glow.  The shimmers.  The complexity.  It is seriously why I love Chanel polish (granted the formula is pretty amazing too and not chip-tastic at all for me).  Enough of me raving about the thing, show me the bottle already:

Chanel Taboo bottle

Look at that.  Basque in the glory that Chanel Taboo is.  It almost looks red in this photo but you can see the deep purple on the edges and the red and fuchsia shimmer that makes it almost look like it’s glowing from inside the bottle.  Like it has its own light source.

Now on the nail it is just as gorgeous.  The purpley-goodness shows through but you can see the shimmer has translated to the nail as well.  Don’t you hate it when sometimes the bottle is all gorgeous, lit-from-within, shimmery-perfection and you paint it on and wonder what happened?  Like you almost had to double-check that you weren’t abducted by aliens who decided to paint your nails a similar color without the shimmer, just to mess with you.

Chanel Taboo swatch
Ta-da! Look at that for perty.  You can see the shimmer in the bottle.  You can see the shimmer on the nail.  The coverage was good in two coats and when you applied top coat, wowza, did the shimmer really pop and shine through.

The only drawback I can say is that this was a bit of a chip-tastic polish.  The usual Chanel formula is awesome on me.  I get a week’s wear.  But this was a delicate polish and chipped horribly within two days.   I discussed this with the sales assistant at the Chanel counter at David Jones (I was wearing Taboo at the time) and she also lamented that it was chip-tastic on her also and she hazarded a guess that it had something to do with the micro-glitter and shimmer.

It’s still pretty, but if you are used to long wear like Chanel’s usual polishes, you may be disappointed, which I was because they are high-end, expensive purchases.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this myself from Nordstroms.

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