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Chanel Peridot #531

Chanel Peridot is a gold green duochrome. It came out a number of years ago (Fall 2011) and I snapped it up thinking it was quite a unique shade. I thought I’d crack it out as it seems festive to me.


Chanel Rose Moire #593

Holy dupe, Batman! Didn’t I just review something that looked exactly like Chanel Rose Moire? I think I did.

Rose Moire is a champagne pink polish. It is pretty and shimmery and metallic. Rose Moire was released in the Rouge Allure Moire collection – a collection of Rouge Allure lipsticks with shimmer and two polishes, Rose Moire and Rouge Moire.


Chanel Rouge Moire #595

Chanel Rouge Moire is a deep berry red with a shimmery metallic finish. It was released in the Rouge Allure Moire collection with Rose Moire.

Rouge Moire is a pearlescent red. The pearly sheen is a little bit on the pale pink side, with the overall base colour of the polish being red, giving it a more of a berry tone overall. It also mutes the colour slightly so it isn’t an in-your-face type of red.


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