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Chanel Bel-Argus #667

Chanel Bel-Argus is a fantastic polish. Wow. Wow. Wow. I am a bit partial to the odd blue nail polish, but this one is glorious.

Chanel Bel-Argus was released for the Summer 2013. It came out with Chanel Azure and Chanel Lilis in the L’Été Papillon de Chanel collection. I love the colours in this collection and Bel-Argus is a standout.

You know that it has to be good when Mr Swatchfest thought it was a wow polish too. It is a stunning metallic blue. It is car duco worthy. Actually, I had a car that had a metallic blue paint-job. It was called Moody Blue (on a Nissan Pulsar SSS) and it looked amazing. I loved that car. Anywho….let’s talk polish.

Chanel Bel-Argus in the bottle is gorgeous. In the Chanel formula review, I have photos of Bel Argus in its shimmery glory. It truly is spectacular. The colour from some angles shows the complexity of the colour, with dark blue coming through as well as the microglitter.

On the nail the polish applies streak free. With a metallic polish like this, often you get visible brushstrokes. Chanel Bel-Argus was not plagued by these. There isn’t a streak to be seen. Chanel Alchimie had some brushstroke issues.

The polish was easy to apply and if you are careful you can get away with one coat – it’s that pigmented. I have applied two coats without top coat so you can see the shimmery, shiny goodness. When top coat is applied the microshimmers pop like crazy. It is to die for. It really is a beautiful polish.

As for wear, again I found that this didn’t last quite as long as the usual Chanel polishes. Granted Bel-Argus didn’t chip straight away, it didn’t do the usual 7 days wear.

Disclaimer: I bought Chanel Bel-Argus from Nordstroms.

Chanel Mysterious #601

Chanel Mysterious is an enigma. The name is true to its colour. A mysterious one to capture and describe. This was released in their Autumn / Fall 2013 Superstition campaign with Chanel Elixir and Chanel Alchimie.

This is a very dark polish. It is a deep dark khaki green but in some lighting and situations it looks murky. Like a swampy greeny brown. I don’t mind the colour but I can understand that this isn’t a beautiful looking polish. It is an edgier one. You really must like the outlier type of colours (like I do) to truly appreciate this colour.

Mr Swatchfest HATES it. He’s usually pretty good at saying “meh” at colours or “oooh that’s nice (Chanel Bel Argus)” but he had nothing good to say about this colour.

I had a funny label on my polish that had some colour – the photo above shows it pretty clearly which does obscure the colour a little but you can see the more khaki green tones here.

The colour is a bit non-descript. It’s murky. Dark. There is some khaki to it but it does remind me of last year’s Autumn / Fall release Vertigo (which was also quite murky but was grey and had a red microshimmer that didn’t translate to the nail). Mysterious is a cream polish without any shimmer – just a solid colour on the nail.

The application again is flawless Chanel. It was easy to apply and easy to remove and the wear was consistent to what I love about the formula.

I have tried to capture the green tones in this polish which was quite hard to do. It reminded me of what happens when you are a kid and you mix all your paints together and you get this funky greeny, black, bizarre colour. That is what Chanel Mysterious looks like. It has a grey-black cast to it with some green. I did purchase this because somehow I thought the khaki would translate better to the nail but it didn’t. It could be the winter dreary lighting that isn’t doing me any favours and this might be a more fun and true dark khaki in the middle of summer – but the colour itself screams Autumn / Winter in all it’s dreariness. I wouldn’t call it depressing but it isn’t an uplifting colour. It is just different.

If you are more of a middle of the road nail polish gal and you like different and pretty, stay away from this one. If you’re like me and you like different and a bit out there, then go and suss it out in person, get some sticky-tape and swatch it on your skintone before you pull the trigger and purchase. Do I have retail remorse for this colour? Maybe a little. I don’t know if I would buy it again.

Disclaimer: I bought Chanel Mysterious from David Jones Melbourne.

Chanel Azure vs YSL Bleu Cosmique

To my right is Chanel Azure. To my left is YSL Bleu Cosmique. Are they dupes? No. Are they related. Maybe. Sorta. In a round about way.

If you want to read the reviews here’s Chanel Azure and here’s YSL Bleu Cosmique.

Now onto the colour comparisons:

When you don’t have the bottles directly next to each other and you are going from memory you start to think that they are dupes or at least very closely related. When you have them next to each other (as above), you realise that you’ve gone wacky for even thinking about it.

In the pic above, I have my index finger and my ring finger painted in YSL Bleu Cosmique and the rest of my hand painted in Chanel Azure. As you can see the Bleu Cosmique is clearly more blue vs Azure being more green. Now when you start moving your hand you can see that some of the colour angles can make the green tones come out of the Bleu Cosmique and some of the blue tones come out of the Azure making the colours look quite similar. The differences are then the shimmer formula where YSL is definitely a more tightly packed, almost metallic polish and Chanel Azure has a lot more micro glitter and micro shimmer that is suspended and visible in the formula.

Either way, they are both quite different so if you were umming and aahing over whether to purchase these, you could justify that they are different to yourself. I did.

Chanel Azure #657

Chanel Azure is a micro-shimmery, metallic teal confection from the Chanel Summer 2013 campaign.

In the bottle you can see the blue-green flash quite clearly. The polish has micro-shimmer that makes it look metallic, but when you look closely at the polish on the nail it is made up of tiny tiny particles of glitter to give the metallic look. Unlike YSL Bronze Pyrite where it is truly a smooth metallic where on close inspection it just looks like molten metal and you can’t differentiate any shimmer or glitter.

On the nail the shimmery goodness can also be seen and the flash of green versus blue. Mr Swatchfest and I argued about whether this was green or blue. I think it’s clearly a teal leaning more green. He thinks it’s a teal leaning more blue. Either way, it’s a strikingly beautiful colour that flashes both blue and green depending on the angle.

Now onto the wear. I don’t know if is because of the shimmer but I didn’t get my usual week’s wear with this colour. I did get a little bit of tip chipping on my thumb and the odd tiny chip here and there after 3 days. I did my usual routine of basecoat, two coats of colour and top coat and was careful in the preparation like I always am, but felt that the formula just wasn’t quite up to par to the usual Chanel formula and I wonder if it has something to do with the microglitter / shimmer in these colours (eg. Alchimie, Taboo, etc).

That being said, Chanel Azure is a beautiful polish. It does have some similarities to YSL Bleu Cosmique but Chanel Azure has more of that micro-shimmer, tiny glitter particles going on, compared to YSL Bleu Cosmique which is quite metallic.

Disclaimer: Chanel Azure was purchased by me from Myer Chadstone.

Chanel Elixir #589

Chanel Elixir is true to the word ‘elixir’. According to, an elixir is “miraculous, magical, and maybe a little mysterious, an elixir is a sweet substance or solution that cures the problem at hand”.

I found this definition surprisingly apt.

Chanel Elixir is not particularly mysterious. What it is, is a cure for all those days where you think you want to paint your nails to have a little something something on them, but then when you get around to actually doing it you are faced with the agony of choice (well at least I am on a fairly regular basis because I have a gigantic, verging on embarrassing, amount of polish). Should I go bright? Should I go neutral? Will that clash with my clothes? Chanel Elixir, is your elixir.

In the bottle it looks a bit, well, a bit boring actually:

It looks like a rose-red, but a bit more muted. A little bit grandmotherly (you know what I mean, where some women when they get to a certain age fall into painting their nails a particular range of colours that I would describe as tawny or rosy and it is sort of pretty and polished but in the old schoolmarm sort of way). That’s sort of what the bottle colour says to me. But I assure you, that on the nail, it is WAY different (this is two coats):

Chanel Elixir is a muted red-rose colour. But it doesn’t give off that schoolmarm, old-lady vibe. It is sophisticated. It is a neutral in my books, doesn’t clash with anything, works with lots of makeup looks (if you are a bold lip wearer like I am and sometimes your lips and nails just don’t work – this isn’t the case with Elixir) and the creme finish and high gloss just make this ooze class. The formula was flawless and true to the usual wear time that I expect from a Chanel polish. If you work in a corporate setting and are worried about this being too bold, I think it’s fine (I work in a corporate setting). It isn’t retina-burning bright (unlike Chanel Lilis which can be eye-scorchingly bright in some fluorescent lighting and bright sunlight). There’s something about this colour that is just so workable. Easy. Sometimes easy is the elixir (in case you weren’t sick of my elixir puns).

Disclaimer: I bought my Chanel Elixir from the Chanel Beauty Boutique at Chadstone.

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