Clinique 70 degrees and Sunny #14

Clinique has just launched nail polish in Australia and as such I decided to snap some up. I picked up a couple of fun, summery, brights like this yellow shade called “70 degrees and Sunny”.

70 degrees and sunny is a bright, cheery yellow. There is a slight orange cast to this yellow, making it a slightly deeper yellow versus a super saturated yellow. Think taxi cab yellow. Some people have described it as mustardy but I disagree since mustard gives off that slightly dirty yellow feel and I don’t think this is anything like that.

Here it is on the nail.

70 degrees and Sunny is a two coater. Yellows are notorious for being streaky, goopy messes but I found this to be relatively easy to apply and got even, bald-spot free coverage in two coats. It isn’t a super glossy polish, I would say it veers into a satin rather than super glossy. It has gloss, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not that mirror shine that some polishes have on their own. Top coat would fix this of course.

The bottles are small, plain Clinique. The logo is on the lid and the bottles themselves are bereft of branding (there is a sticker on the bottle with the name of the polish on it). They are compact little bottles and do not house a lot of product, 9ml versus 13ml in brands like Chanel. That being said they retail for $21AUD (compared to $39AUD for Chanel, Dior, etc) which works out cheaper as Clinique is $2.30 a ml versus $3 a ml.

These are a limited release in Australia before Christmas and will be coming back in the New Year. Not all colours were available (like you can purchase in the US) and I snapped up a couple of colours to see how the formula fared. So far these are nice but I don’t think they are remarkable. If you have sensitive skin and sensitive eyes and you are prone to touching your face during the day, maybe these would be beneficial for you. Otherwise they are nice, the formula of this one was nice and they aren’t hella expensive but for nice you could get OPI in a larger range of colours, for 15ml and they’re cheaper.

Disclaimer: I purchased 70 degrees and Sunny from the Clinique counter at David Jones Doncaster.

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