CND Vinylux Cake Pop #135

CND Vinylux Cake Pop is a light, white-based pink. It reminds me of the finish you’d get when you make cake pops – like the candy coating you dip your cake pops in….shiny and solid in colour and a little bit chalky. This is not one of those polishes that has quite a milky look to it, but it isn’t transparent and jelly-like, it is like a pink-tinged white paint. That’s probably the best description I have. Here’s what it looks like in the bottle:

Now given that I am usually the high-end chica, I have relaxed my highfalutin tastes and have been wowed by the promise of 7 days of chip-free wear as promised by Vinylux. Now usually I get some good wear out of my polishes, but when you are being particularly horrendous to your nails because you’re doing manual labour in your spare time, are time poor because of said manual labour and don’t want to spend a lot of time doing your nails – CND Vinylux fits the bill. It is very quick to apply (no base coat so you save time there) and it takes 8.5 minutes to dry so you can be good to go in no time. Not only that, but how better to truly test the wear of this polish than by putting my hands through their paces and seeing how it stacks up?

Cake Pop is an opaque polish. The Vinylux polish range has sheers, semi-sheers and opaque polishes in the line-up. Cake Pop is a light pink, chalky looking polish. My description of it being like white paint with pink added in is probably the best description I can give. It makes a statement, because of the stark finish – it doesn’t have a soft look about it. The pink tone leans cool and a little lilac in some lights. I personally love it, but Mr Swatchfest wasn’t a fan saying it “didn’t suit me”.

The formula of Cake Pop was fantastic. Two coats of colour, one coat of top coat (the Weekly Vinylux top coat) is shown in all the swatches. For such a chalky looking polish, two coats without streaks is truly legendary. The brush is quite small which made me worry about streaks, but I found it super easy to apply. As discussed in my previous review of Vexed Violette, application was key for me with these polishes in that I had to cap the nail edge or it chipped within 24 hours. Once I worked that out, I had excellent wear. The photos below were taken at day 4. Can you believe it? There are some tiny chips forming and given that I was pretty hard on my hands (as you can see with all the dings on my hands from chiselling plaster glue off wall studs), I found the wear impressive.

For OPI lovers, Cake Pop is a good replacement for Mod About You – a similar chalky looking pink but I found Mod About You to be a nightmare to apply.

Disclaimer: I purchased Cake Pop from Salon First in Moorabbin.

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