CND Vinylux Dazzling Dance #179

Dazzling Dance is a funky one.

Look at that for sparkly awesomeness!

Released as a part of the Holiday 2014 collection, Dazzling Dance is a duochrome. Actually I think it is more than a duochrome. Is there such a thing as triochrome? Let me look that up….tick tock…tick tock….No. It’s trichrome. There, we all learned something today.

Dazzling Dance is a sheer and sparkly polish that looks purple / lilac in most lights but can look grey and even green depending on different angles (hence the thrichrome I mentioned). The microglitter / shimmer is holographic which is super cool and mesmerizing on the nail.

On the hand:

And this one (with the bottle upside down to try to capture the holographic glitter and duocrhomeness.

I did a video of the application of Dazzling Dance.

It was a three coater but didn’t look too bad as a two coat polish. This would also look lovely as a top coat over a darker colour – a black, purple, navy, etc. You know the polishes in our stash that are so dark they look black when they aren’t truly black and you want them to look brighter some how? This is a great polish to do that.

As for the application…this is smooth and easy to apply. I have never found the Vinylux brushes to be unwieldy and the best bit I find about the Vinylux range (besides the wear) is that you save time by not needing a base coat and they dry completely within 10 minutes. That’s right. 10 mins. So for someone as impatient as me, I want my nails to look pretty and be able to use my hands as quickly as possible.

Wear time has been good so long as you ensure that your nails are clean and dry before beginning. I have had some Vinylux polishes chip within 24 hours when I first purchased them and realised that an acetone polish was needed for me to be able to clean my nails of natural oils before applying the first coat. This sorted out my wear issues. Scrub fresh could be used (but can be harder to come by than general acetone polish that you can find in the super market) so I use that.

Disclaimer: I purchased my Dazzling Dance polish from Hairhouse Warehouse at Chadstone. The one near JB Hifi if you are a local.

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