CND Vinylux Field Fox #185

Hello my lovelies. It has been a hectic couple of weeks and I have been polishing but have had zero time to take photos of my slapped on polish upon my fingies. Yes. I meant fingies and not fingers.

Today I have a beauty for you in the form of a Vinylux polish – I have been vinyluxing of late because I don’t have time to repaint and repaint and repaint (so I broke my Dior run for a little while) and have found the wear time to be EXCEPTIONAL on these ones lately. I am going to not only show you a polish but this is 8 days of wear of Field Fox. Yep. 8 DAYS! Here’s the ubiquitous bottle shot:

Let me start by saying Field Fox is gorgeous. If you are like me and find that on occasion that nudes are a little too warm and they can make your fingers look a bit odd (yellow, pink, red, or just generally weird), behold Field Fox!

Let me tell you that this is a complex colour. It is beige but with a bit of a mauve tint so that sometimes it looks beige beige and other times it looks like beige with a hint of mauve. It is such a chameleon colour that my manager actually thought I had repainted my nails at lunchtime the other day. Be shocked. Firstly, he noticed the colour in the first place, then secondly he noticed the change in colour. I know. I was like WHOA! Anyway, on to the swatches:

Now if you’re thinking, the application looks ok but I can see minor chips at the edges, remember this is 8+ days of wear. I think it’s looking hell-a-mazing. Seriously, I’m typing this and it is coming up to the 9th day and I am planning to change colour to change colour, not because my nails are uber chipped and I need to change that shiz out.

I can’t rave about this colour enough. It looks polished and sophisticated. It makes my nails look longer. It’s not in your face but it’s different enough that I’ve had people ask what colour it is (many a sales assistant has asked me). It’s currently well into Autumn (Fall) here in Australia and it’s such a beautiful colour even though it’s not a traditional cool weather colour, it works. I love it. Go out and buy it. Seriously. I raved about it so much I actually have had people go on the hunt to buy it.

Disclaimer: I bought my Field Fox from Hairhouse Wearhouse at QV.

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