CND Vinylux Indigo Frock #176

Wow do I love me some deep blues for Autumn (Fall) and Winter. Who am I kidding? I love blues all year round, but Indigo Frock is such a deep greyed blue that it just screams cooler weather. It’s like a dark wintery night.

Indigo Frock is dark but not black. The greyed tone ensures that even in subdued lighting, it looks un-black. Let me try to explain this better, it looks warmer than black. Softer. Where black polish looks unabashedly black, Indigo Frock looks like a dark polish. It looks very dark grey in some lighting, in others it looks like a true navy. No matter what the lighting situation, it is a dark, glossy, beautiful cream befitting the murky weather outside.

For those of you that are looking at the bottle and are thinking that it looks like Vinylux Asphalt, it is bluer and darker. I own Asphalt and almost slapped that on my nails but picked this instead. It called to me. Asphalt is coming up by the way as we plough our way into Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Don’t be detered though my Northern Hemisphere peeps, these colours can be rocked year round and would look spectacular on toes with bright sandals.

I have been raving about the Vinylux formula – I haven’t had a dud so far. I have had one or two that have stained my nails, but I think some of that is attributed to the fact that you don’t wear base coat and I have dry nails because I don’t look after them as well as I should.

Indigo Frock is a one-coat wonder (OCW) if you’re in a hurry. That being said, it does dry to a satin finish rather than glossy, so you would still need to add the top coat to get the glorious glossy sheen that you can see in the swatches.

I have applied two coats of Indigo Frock and one coat of Vinylux Weekly Top Coat to my nails. No base coat. Love that I can skip that and still get a week’s wear.

Disclaimer: I bought Indigo Frock from Hairhouse Warehouse in Chadstone.

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