CND Vinylux Vexed Violette #156

Vexed Violette is a chameleon like polish in that it can look a bit brown, sometimes purply, sometimes a deep grey. It has a shimmery metallic finish.

Before I continue on the CND review, let me apologise for Mr Swatchfest being tardy with his photos (he’s my photographer btw – who has been too busy doing renovation work to edit photos even though we’ve taken them and I have written the posts). Secondly let me discuss Vinylux and how I am usually a top-end nail polish hoarder but got my hands on this recently and decided to give it a go – especially since my hands were being put to the test and being dinged up. What a better way to test the longevity of a polish that claims 7 days of chip-free wear?

CND Vinylux is a polish that CND created after their Shellac system (UV cured gel that applies like polish). The cool bit about Vinylux is that you don’t need to cure it, you don’t need to soak it off (like you do with Shellac) and it dries SUPER fast. Get this, 9 minutes to completely dry. No need to spray them with quick dry stuff. The application is different too. You must remove nail polish and clean the nails with acetone remover and then apply two coats of colour and then one coat of the Vinylux Weekly Topcoat. Do Not apply base coat for this polish. Removal is easy but requires an acetone based polish remover. The way this polish works supposedly is similar to Shellac that uses UV to harden, but instead of a UV or LED lamp, it uses the incidental UV that we get in our day to day lives. Isn’t that cool?

In my first go of CND Vinylux, I found that it chipped within 24 hours. I was gobsmacked and thought that it was a crap product. I had the same thing happen with two more goes and then realised it was my application (I asked a nail-tech). It is very important that you cap the nail edge (where you paint the first coat and then you run the brush around the edge of your nail tip so that there is polish on that too). This made all the difference. At the time of writing this post, I have one tiny chip on my left index finger (because I’ve been using my fingernails as tools) and the rest of the nails are pristine! This is 5 days in to the 7 days. The polish isn’t dull either. Winner!

Vexed Violette as a metallic polish was a dream to apply. Smooth, not streaky and fully opaque in two coats. I was worried that the shimmer was going to make this a little bit brush-strokey, but vexed violette was so easy to use and gorgeous on the nail. It possesses a muted, dusty quality to it, and is sort of dark but not. It is a medium-deep toned polish that is a mix of taupe, silver and purple. I love it. It looks classy yet edgy and really works on my little fingernails (they’re slowly growing back from the uber-nubbin stage).

I used to have a lot of the old CND polishes and found their formula to be pretty amazing. Good to see that Vinylux is consistent to the quality that you get out of CND.

Disclaimer: I purchased Vexed Violette from Salon First.

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