Dior Frou Frou #398

I love me some purple. This is no surprise, so Dior Frou Frou, in all its lilacky goodness, was right up my alley. Behold the spring-timey gorgeousness:

Now I’m not 100% sure if this is Frou Frou or Froufrou. I suspect that it is Froufrou but you say tomato, I say tomato here. For my North American peeps, I believe this was released as Lilac Colorvision #398.

Onto the polish. I am a polishaholic and therefore am not new to applying polish. That being said, I find issue often with Dior nail polishes. I own a few of these babies and I have found that every single one of them has been chip-tastic after 24 hours of wear. Some of them I don’t even get to 24 hours. Yes, I know. Crap, huh?

As for the formula itself, I have never had an issue with the application as it is smooth and glossy. I just have issue with the wear. What I do not like is that the new brush (older Dior polishes had a thinner brush) is massive making it impossible to paint my little finger nails. I often end up with polish on my cuticles – so if you have tiny fingers (particularly pinky fingers) you too will find that you may have some issues with the Dior brush.

Frou Frou / Froufrou is a gorgeous lilac. It screams Spring to me, and given that we are in the throws of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere (not that you’d know it of late in Melbourne where it has been raining and cold with temperatures in the teens (celsius)), it is a perfect polish to wear.

I did have some issues and thought that it had to be that my nails were not feeling the love, but this polish shows every single lump and bump:

It still is very pretty. I do love it but you might need to take some care in the ridge-filling and smoothing / buffing of the nail prior to application.

Disclaimer: Dior Frou Frou was purchased from the Dior counter at David Jones Chadstone by yours truly.

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