Dior Top Coat in Blossoming

Dior Blossoming Top Coat was released in the Spring 2015 Kingdom of Colours.

Blossoming looks like blue-green, white and yellow confetti in a bottle. It almost looks fuzzy. What it reminds me of is that shredded paper that comes out of the shredder, if it was finer and you shredded blue-green, white and yellow paper. Don’t scoff, when you see the pics you’ll say “oh, yeaaaaaah”.

As seen in the bottle, it’s not the usual top coat you’d expect. Most top coats that fall into this category have some sparkle. This isn’t sparkly at all. It’s matte. It can look sparse, I did a single coat because I wasn’t sure if multiple coats would make it look thick and ugly. When you look closely, you’ll see that the actual particles are different shapes. There are tiny dots in white and yellow, and tiny rectangles that are in white and blue-green. It’s definitely different.

I have a video showing the application of Blossoming. You can see that it does require you to dab on the coats to pick up the little bits otherwise it’s just like a clear top coat. The effect is pretty. I think it also lightens the base colour underneath slightly. I applied Blossoming over Dior Vernis in Lady.

Here is Blossoming as an accent on my ring and middle fingers:

I do like the effect but after a few days, I wished I had just left Dior Lady on its own. I did find that it left a slightly rough finish to the nail. All things being said, it did wear like iron. I got 6 days wear!

Disclaimer: I purchased Dior Top Coat in Blossoming from Myer Chadstone.

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