Dior Vernis Lili #121

Dior has been releasing polishes with the lip launches and I picked up Lili (a gorgeous beige) back when they launched their Rouge Dior Baumes.

Here’s Lili in the bottle.

Firstly let me apologise for the gap between posts. I split a nail so badly (at the side – so it was across the nail bed so that it wasn’t even able to be cut short) and needed to try to fix that before I could swatch anymore. So I did stupid things. 1. I applied nail glue. That wasn’t really stupid but given how rough I am with my nails and how the glue wasn’t up to the task, it was stupid. Then 2. I succumbed to seeing a professional. Of course they tried to push me to the acrylic / shellac route and I agreed to said shellac. I went with OPI Funny Bunny. Now that bought me all of 4 days before the split lifted the shellac and it peeled, offering no protection to the underlying nail. So I had to soak them all off, cut them all down and band-aid / glue the bad nail until it grew out a bit so I could then cut it.

First world problems. I know.

So anyway, since then I have been looking at my unused Diors (there are a lots) and decided that maybe I should show you the awesome neutrality that is Dior Lili.

Lili is a beautiful beige with a tiny tinge of peach / pink. It’s neutral and clean and shiny and looks amazing on my nails (now that I have a little bit of length back). This is one of the Gel Effect polishes so I find the wear is excellent. These swatches are two coats, one base coat and one top coat. The top coat doesn’t really change the uber-shiny-ness – the formula is super shiny on it’s own, but I do top coat to extend the wear.

Now let me tell you that Lili wasn’t love at first sight. I worry about these sort of colours because often they are a streaky nightmare requiring multiple coats and can end up in a goopy mess. Lili is not only opaque in two, but there are no streaks to be seen. Smooth, buttery perfection. When I applied the first coat I was a little bit dubious, as I wasn’t sure if was going to even out nicely and I wasn’t sure if it was going to clash with my skin tone, but on the second coat I was ooohing and aaahing at my handiwork. They looked awesome.

Even though I was a little on the fence about Lili in the bottle, it has proven to be a beauty on the nail. I think that it is a super pretty polish that would suit many skin tones – women of colour, pale skin, olive, etc – because it doens’t lean too cool or two warm, has a lot of white in the base, and the colour elongates your nails and gives them an elegant finish.

Disclaimer: I bought my Lili from Dior Myer Chadstone.

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