Dior Vernis Rose #499

I have another Dior swatch, this time a beautiful shimmery warm rose pink in the shade Rose. Gotta love a name that is to the point. This is Rose. ‘Nough said.

I know what you’re thinking. Surely this woman is sponsored by Dior. I can assure that I’m not (however for any of you PR peeps from Dior that may want to knock down my door and give me product, I wouldn’t say no, hehehe) and I buy these colours with my own money because they appeal to me.

What drew me to Rose is that it is a nice neutral warm pink with a rose gold shimmer through it. Very very pretty in the bottle. Alas the transfer of that shimmery perfection to the nail is somewhat lost. It adds warmth to the overall tone but you don’t get that flash that you do in the bottle. A shame really. That being said, it’s still a super pretty polish and it is understated in its beauty.

I know that I have been doing a lot more understated nails of late. I have had shorter nails and I find that these colours work with any length of nail and I also have had some major work commitments with new people and I have been too chicken to let my full personality shine with a super bold nail colour. I’ll ease them into it and then KAPOW, I’ll come in with something bold and edgy. That’s the plan.

Now onto Rose and the review. Here is me applying it in my usual manner with Archie’s hijinks in the background. I think these videos give you an clear idea of how they apply (of course I’m no manicurist but you get the jist of what is going on, how it applies, etc).

On the nail it is a gorgeous gorgeous colour. These are two coats (except for two nails where I did a third coat to cover cuticle drag) with basecoat and top coat. The basecoat / two coats / top coat will get me a week’s wear. Worst case is 6 days. Best case is 10 days. Not bad for someone who uses her fingers as tools, doesn’t wear rubber gloves ever and is a bit of a clean freak (and loves the smell of a disinfected house).

Disclaimer: I bought my Dior Rose from Myer Melbourne.

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