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Dior Vernis Lili #121

Dior has been releasing polishes with the lip launches and I picked up Lili (a gorgeous beige) back when they launched their Rouge Dior Baumes.

Here’s Lili in the bottle.


Dior Top Coat in Blossoming

Dior Blossoming Top Coat was released in the Spring 2015 Kingdom of Colours.

Blossoming looks like blue-green, white and yellow confetti in a bottle. It almost looks fuzzy. What it reminds me of is that shredded paper that comes out of the shredder, if it was finer and you shredded blue-green, white and yellow paper. Don’t scoff, when you see the pics you’ll say “oh, yeaaaaaah”.


Dior Vernis Lady #294

Dior Lady was released in the Spring 2015 Kingdom of Colours release.

Lady is a nude pink. It has a ballet slipper look to me – that blush pink, nude pink type of colour. It gives a very polished and pretty look on the nail. Here’s its prettiness in the bottle:


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