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OMG….It’s really happening! Buff Nails…

Hi my lovely Swatchfesters. It has been a long long time since I posted and it’s not because I’m lazy. It’s because I have been developing my own nail polish brand and we are in the last throws of it.


You read correctly.

I am making my own polish. I am super duper excited and I will share photos in the next couple of posts of my swatching / colour choices / bottle selection (and I have a logo and everything). So if any of you loyal lovelies want to suggest which colours I should launch first, I am all ears.

Don’t let that make you think for one second that I’m not going to be swatching other polishes on this blog (even though you might see a lot of the Buff line as we go because, obviously I wouldn’t be making a polish I didn’t love the colour of and / or wasn’t unique), but deep down, I’m a nail polish lover and self declared nail polish aficionado so there’s going to be others. Smith & Cult, I’m talking about you baby (they’re next on my list and you might be getting some guest nail polish hands from my step-daughter and daughter too).

So sorry for the hiatus. There was mixing and swatching and guinea pigging in the Swatchfest household (included some brain cell loss. I joked at the smell of mixing polish bases) and now I’m good to go with more swatching and posting.

Love always, Kathy and the Swatchfest family.

OMG?!? Has it been that long? Is it 2015?!!!

Hello SwatchFest lovers. It is officially 2015 and I have been remiss and missing in action and all that sort of thing.

2014 proved to be a hectic and challenging year for the SwatchFest household.

We had some lows…bullying at work that made me endure months of crap before finally moving into a new role in October; job loss for Mr SwatchFest with terrible financial timing; family court for more access to Mr SwatchFest’s daughter, house renovations, wedding preparations and the stresses associated with all of these things.

We had some highs….we endured it! We had a court ordered Disneyland trip for Mr SwatchFest and his daughter, the renovated house went on the market and was sold, and we were married in November!

So now that we have the craziness behind us, 2015 will be full of youtube videos, swatches and the sparkling repartee that you’re used to.

Thanks for sticking with me. Happy New Year to you and yours. – xx Kathy

Wishing you all a Happy New Year

Whether you have recently celebrated Hannukah, Christmas or have taken some time out with family for the holiday season, we at Swatchfest would like to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy, prosperous and fabulous 2014!

♥ Mr Swatchfest and Kathy ♥.

Hello? Is there anyone home? Where are my swatches, SwatchFest?

I would like to apologise for my tardiness of late. Work has dragged me down into a quicksand and quagmire of documentation and sign-offs and security architectural horrors (yes, I work in IT Security peeps which veers so far from my love of nail polish and lip products it’s not funny. Quite the juxtaposition, Non?).

I have swatches.
I have posts.

They will be up shortly, starting with Nirvana (the Marc Jacobs polish, not the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” version).

– Kathy


Some background.  I am a reformed nail-biter.  I cannot leave my nails sans polish or they call to me,  I find their siren song difficult to resist.  They must be painted or I will nibble them down into scary looking nubbins and then feel such deep-rooted remorse for doing so, with no recourse but to wait it out as they grow back….like cutting your bangs / fringe and going “ruh roh” and the agonising grow-out phase that looks plain old dodgy (especially if you have cow-licks).  Anywho, I digress.

Here’s post number 1.  The inaugural posting to set you up, lure you in.