Giorgio Armani Amethyst #704

Giorgio Armani Amethyst is a blue-green shade. Amethyst? No. There is a tiny cast of purple to it when you apply the first coat, but I wouldn’t call it Amethyst.

Amethyst is a deep dark colour that reminds me of a number of releases that we saw already this year, like YSL Bleu Cosmique. It’s darker though. It is one of those colours that is a bit of a dark teal and I love it (even though this one is quite dark). It has that lit from within, glowy quality about it.

In my previous Giorgio Armani review for Parima Greige, I commented on the Armani formula being smooth and easy to apply with adequate wear. I found the same to be the case with Amethyst. I also mentioned that this is an expensive line given that you don’t get a lot of polish in the bottle (see the teensy bottle below?).

On the nail the colour is gorgeous.
All swatches are two coats, no top coat, no base coat.

I did have some issues with removal of this one…was a bit of a stainer. It left a blue cast on my nails and under the nails too (where it liquefied a little with the removal process and ended up under the nail – this doesn’t usually happen to me and I can accept that it could be user error, but given how often I do my nails, I’d like to argue that this is more likely to be from the polish rather than from me).

Disclaimer: I purchased my Giorgio Armani Amethyst from Myer Chadstone.

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