Giorgio Armani Parima Greige #103

Well hello there, lover. Giorgio Armani have launched nail lacquer! Behold the gorgeous lilac, grey polish called Parima Greige.

Let me start with the bottle. These are traditional Armani. You know what I’m saying – how Armani has these sleek, tapered bottles for most of their stuff? Their perfumes. Their lipsticks and now their polishes. The brush is easy to use on these and because the cap is small, I found no issues with application. Now onto the amount you get for the price. These are HELLA-EXPENSIVE given you get 6ml for $39. Yep. 6ml. Disappointing really. The formula was non-streaky, two coats and supremely glossy. I did a wear test with Parima Greige and broke my rules of no basecoat and no topcoat and it wore for 3 days without chipping. Pretty amazing really since I have nails that need the basecoat and top coat for longevity.

Now onto the nails. Parima Greige is such a beautiful lilacky-grey, chameleon type of colour. There is a beige component, a grey component and a purply component making this look different against different clothing and in different lighting. I love things like that. These are all two coats, no top, no base.

Don’t tell me you don’t love it. I do. Even the people at work commented (now I know I have said that before but I work in a corporate, very male dominated environment and for men to notice your nail colour is saying a lot. The odd woman I work with loves my nail polish colour choice, so there was no surprise really that they enjoyed Parima Greige and asked what it was and where I bought it).

Disclaimer: I bought Giorgio Armani Parima Greige from the Armani counter in Myer Chadstone (one day when I was walking through and went “ooooooooooh, NEW nail polish”).

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