Marc Jacobs Baby Jane #106

Marc Jacobs Baby Jane is a cool, beige, putty coloured nude. Sephora describes Baby Jane as a light ash beige.
I like the description of “ash beige” because it does highlight that putty component of the colour. I really really like Baby Jane.

Baby Jane is a really smooth polish to apply. I have used two coats (no base coat, no top coat) and found the application to be easy, streak-free and even.

On the nail:

I do have some ridges on my ring finger and in the photos they are a little more apparent than I remember them being in real life. That being said, there is something about Baby Jane that I love. It’s sophisticated. Classy. Glossy. Different. I don’t have corpse hands or anything. They just look neat and put together in this shade but with a side of edgy.

I was thinking of things I have in my stash that are similar and they either pull too grey or too warm. I considered Deborah Lippman’s Naked or Waking Up in Vegas. Naked is warmer. Waking Up in Vegas is cooler. I did consider YSL Beige Gallery but that isn’t the same either. I dug through my stash to look for a Deborah Lippmann polish that came in a trio and couldn’t remember the name – Putty In Your Hands. Baby Jane is very similar but lighter than Putty In Your Hands. It’s like they are the same colour almost but the contrast is up on Baby Jane. It is unique even though somethings may come close.

Disclaimer: This was bought from Marc Jacobs website by the Swatchfest team.

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