Marc Jacobs Daisy #102

Well hello. Marc Jacobs Daisy is so elegant and understated. Lovely. Polished. Awesome for those that maybe have some bling they want to show-off without making their nails take the show.

Outside in sunlight (which was fading because the heavens were about to open). Note the shimmer that is visible on the nail:

Indoor lighting (where the warm lighting changes the colour slightly to show more of the ivory). I think the outdoor colours are more true to what the colour is like. The shimmer is there but a little less apparent.

Marc Jacobs Daisy is a beautiful pearly pink. Or as Sephora says “pearly ivory pink” and that is a very good description of the colour. It does have that ivory sort of tone but also a pale pink tone with some clear shimmer. It really is a gorgeous shade and for someone like me who isn’t afraid of a bold colour and prefers it, to say I love it and that I would wear it by choice (and not because I have to because my corporate career requires it), is saying something.

The formula on this one was a standout. I’ve reviewed a few of the Marc Jacobs polishes and I find that when you are looking at a line the lighter colours like Daisy, it is where you may find the most grief. So imagine my surprise when I applied one coat of this polish and there was not a streak to be found. That it was perfect and smooth and made my nails look glossy, clean and super pretty. I then applied the second coat and was blown away by the complexity of the colour.

It may not look like a lot in the bottle but it really truly is a standout in my collection (that’s getting close to 400 polishes ) and I can imagine wearing this a lot. Perfect bridal colour too. It has a little something something so it doesn’t look blah but it’s not a ta-da, look at my nail colour, type of colour.

Disclaimer: These were purchases from the Marc Jacobs website.

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