Marc Jacobs Delphine #120

Delphine is a smoky purple gray according to Sephora. I think it has a milk-chocolate look to it, but definitely has that gray and purple toning to it also. Here it is in the bottle:

Delphine has no shimmer and is a dream to apply. Two easy to apply, smooth, uber-glossy coats are shown below:

Isn’t it beautiful? Classy. Under-stated. Edgy. It’s got that smoky, muted quality that doesn’t scream at you and isn’t in your face but it is still something different and it is definitely a neutral that can suit many situations. I think it is very work appropriate and it coordinates awesomely with whatever you feel like wearing.

I’m seriously loving this one. I initially thought “meh” when I saw it in the bottle, but after applying it to my nails I was pleasantly surprised at how polished it looked. Polished from a professional, classy stance, not the obvious “I have freshly applied nail polish to my fingers”.

I can’t fault the formula on the vast majority of these Marc Jacobs polishes. I did initially think that Delphine reminded me of Chanel Particuliere, but I think Delphine definitely has more of a purple / gray tone to it. I do think to satisfy my own curiosity that I will have to crack them out and have a look side by side.

Disclaimer: Delphine was purchased from Marc Jacobs Beauty website by Mr Swatchfest.

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  1. Delphine Brown
    October 9, 2014 at 9:27 pm (4 years ago)

    Hello my name is Delphine and it is a rare name but I love it .I would love to try your nail polish(Delphine) Can I have a sample to try and show my friends and family?Looking forward to hear from you.


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