Marc Jacobs Desire #136

Marc Jacobs Desire is described as a ruby red polish.
I think with its deep red hue and its bright red shimmer, Desire screams Christmas.

It is so Christmassy that I found myself singing “Just hear those sleigh bells ringing and ring ting tingling too. Come on it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you….”. In September. I know, I know. Or me singing “Desire” by U2.

That did remind me of how something happens to me in September, ever since I was a kid, where I’d somehow sing Christmas carols in September and even play them on my recorder (I was a little little kid). It would drive my family nuts! Anywho, I digress. Back to the Christmassy festivity that is Desire.

As with my review of Marc Jacobs Lola, I am very much an pinch of prevention versus a pound of cure type of gal, in regards to basecoats and nail staining prevention. I always, always, always put down a basecoat for long wear and when swatching reds, I will lay down a basecoat too.

All nail swatch pics here are a coat of basecoat, two coats of colour, no topcoat. The glossiness is from Desire itself and not aided by topcoat. The shimmer definitely pops a little more with top coat but I feel that you should see the nail polish in its default configuration. It’s like me and lip colour. I want to see it on my natural lip colour, not with lip liner or my lips cancelled out with foundation.

I have read other reviews where it was mentioned that Desire wasn’t particularly unique. This may be true but I do find the shimmer and the overall look not as easily duplicated as others have mentioned. The metallic quality of this red reminds me of Butter London Knees Up (which I own and also think is a Christmassy shade), but this one is less metallic looking.

Disclaimer: This was purchased from the Marc Jacobs website.

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