Marc Jacobs Evelyn #144

Evelyn is a deep dark grey creme polish. The best think about Evelyn is that it is grey. Grey as grey can be. Not so dark it looks black. Just grey.

The best thing about it being grey can also be the worst thing about it. It is g-r-e-y. Middle of the road. Grey.

In the bottle:

On the nail you can see that Evelyn has no clear leanings. No blue. No green. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Just pure, shiny, gorgeous grey.

All swatches are two coats with no top coat. As you can see these are super shiny. The gloss on the Marc Jacobs creme formulas is awesome. Of course for longevity I would top coat these for wear, but with that level of gloss you could easily get away without it.

These Marc Jacobs polishes are truly fabulous. I have swatched nearly all of them now and I really can’t fault the formula, the application, the wear time, the colours. The shimmers, the glitters and the cremes are so well orchestrated that it’s rare to find a collection that has colours that are pretty unique and formulas that are spectacular.

I have no greys that are similar to Evelyn. NARS Galion is darker and verges on black in some lighting but I did initially think they were close. I might have to pull them out to compare but Galion also has a little bit of a blue leaning. NARS Stormbird also is more blue and lighter. Dior Gris Montaigne is grey grey also but lighter. So for a nail polish ho like myself, this is a great polish given its uniqueness.

Disclaimer: Evelyn was purchased from the Marc Jacobs website as gift from the awesome Mr Swatchfest.

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