Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Beige #142

Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Beige is described as a light mauve beige by Sephora. I will start by saying *sigh* over this colour. Let me explain…

Now initially I was stunned and wowed and oohed and aahed over Fluorescent Beige in the bottle. This is one of those shades where it would be an awesome bridal shade or for strictly corporate environments where you don’t want your nails to speak to everyone in the room before you do.

But when it was applied to the nail I was like “WHAAAAAAAAAAT????!!!”. Where did the beautiful shimmer go? Where? WHERE? Let me show you what I mean. Not only that, it was a bit meh. The colour is a little bit bland if that makes any sense. I don’t know if my “meh” feeling was because I was expecting Fluorescent Beige to smash it out of the park and just didn’t, or whether it truly is a “meh” polish.

In the bottle there is the uber-gorgeousness:

Then on the nail the shimmer in Fluorescent Beige just doesn’t translate. These are all two coats without top or base coat.

I did try with top coat to see if it would awaken the shimmer but it did not. I was disappointed. Way disappointed.

We took so many shots trying to capture the shimmer but really, unless you are in spectacularly bright light where the shimmer may show, there is no translation of shimmer. Note where I say “may”. Because even in bright light you have to tilt your fingers to try to catch an angle that works. Which is a pity because in the bottle it just looks so promising and awesome.

As for the formula, I can’t fault the smooth, easy, two coat application for Fluorescent Beige. Which is great but it doesn’t make me feel better about the crappy crappy translation of beautiful shimmer. If it did translate, this would be a knockout shade.

Disclaimer: This was bought from the Marc Jacobs website by Mr Swatchfest.

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