Marc Jacobs Funny Girl #104

Marc Jacobs Funny Girl is a peachy-nude polish.
Here it is in the bottle:


How cute is the packaging? Seriously.


Firstly let me say yayayayayayayayayayayay. Marc Jacobs has outdone himself in the design of these bottles. They are gorgeous. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. They are so pretty to look at. I bought 23 of the 24 (because getting hold of these is a fiddly business if you are in Australia – so it made sense to do one massive shipment rather than little ones).

The bottle cap comes off leaving a smaller cap. The brush is similar to OPI’s wider brush and the bottles are fabulous to hold while you polish, they are rounded, easy to hold, no sharp lines or hard edges. The formula on Funny Girl was smooth, even and very opaque.





Funny Girl is a great nude for me. It leans warm, peachy and nudey without looking like corpse hands. Outdoors with the light fading, the colour is quite flattering and can look a little like mannequin hands but not quite. The swatches are two coats without top coat.




Indoors with flash, the colour is warmer and more of a true reflection of the bottle colour. It is peachy. It is light. It is very shiny. I love it and even though at first I though ‘meh, another peachy nude’, I’m pleasantly surprised and how polished and pretty Funny Girl looks on my nails.



As far as the formula goes it was a surprise. Typically these type of colours can be very sheer and very streaky, Funny Girl was anything but that. It applied VERY opaque and non streaky. I was gobsmacked that a colour that looked like it might cause issues was so smooth and easy to apply. A note about the formula is that it dries fairly fast. I found that if I wasn’t quick with swiping the polish in three strokes on the nail, you could see the polish starting to dry before you’d evened it up (which could make it streaky and uneven). It is a thicker sort of polish. I wouldn’t call it thick, but it definitely seemed less runny than other polishes.

Disclaimer: Marc Jacobs Funny Girl was bought from the Marc Jacobs website.

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