Marc Jacobs Jezebel vs Tom Ford Bordeaux Lust

Dupe-alert! Oh yes, if you can tell the difference between Marc Jacobs Jezebel and Tom Ford Bordeaux Lust then you are super-human and / or should be auditioning for the next X-men.

I have reviewed these polishes independently, Marc Jacobs Jezebel is here and Tom Ford Bordeaux Lust is here.

The thing that triggered my initial thoughts of dupe were my nail wheel swatches. I was minding my own business with the boy on the couch doing my usual girly nail routine (where I file them down a little, do a buff, etc, which I do weekly before I put down some colour) and I pulled out my Tom Ford Collection wheel (see the Tom Ford Collection here) and I noticed that it looked very much like colours I had swatched for my Marc Jacobs Nail Polish formula review.

I uttered the words “holy cow!”. They are dupes. MORE THAN ONE DUPE! Yes you read correctly. If you are umming and aahing over buying some Tom Ford colours because the thought of paying $32USD on a Tom Ford polish makes your hands shake, then you are in luck. Well you are in luck, if you wanted Jezebel, Indian Pink or Scarlet Chinois. Of course this is a post about Jezebel vs Bordeaux Lust so I’ll go on about the dupe-tastic nature of those two, shall I?

Get a load of the photos.

Can you believe that Marc Jacobs is on my index finger and middle finger, with Tom Ford Bordeaux Lust on my ring, pinky and thumb. I DARE you to spot the difference. See? See? Tell me they’re not super close if not the same. I even asked a man. I said “tell me which one is which”. He couldn’t.

Now I don’t know about you, I do love my Tom Ford polishes because they are special and were a love gift and all, but I am also a miserly cow and I don’t like paying for super high end at nearly twice the price if I can get it in a cheaper option. I’m not a brand-ho that requires a “Tom Ford” nail versus “Marc Jacobs” nail. So I would snap up Jezebel in a heartbeat over Bordeaux Lust on price alone. Once you factor in the brush is better and the application seems easier in my opinion, the decision to buy Jezebel over Bordeaux Lust is an even easier one to make.

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