Marc Jacobs Le Charm #112

Well hello, lover. Rrreow. Marc Jacobs Le Charm is noice.

I looked at it in the bottle and thought “oooh, purty”, but also thought that with my dodgy mongrel skintone of pale, olive, some pink undertones in places verging on pink and yellow in the middle sorta neutral, that this one would be too warm and make me look awful.

I was wrong. Take a gander at these (that’s ocker Aussie for take a look btw. That’s culture lesson #1 for you, I’m sure I’ll work in some further strange Australian slang as we take this nail polish journey together. I can’t wait. I know you’re bursting at the seams in anticipation).

Here are some nail swatches of Le Charm. These are no base coat, two coats of colour, no top coat so you can see the polish in it’s unadulterated state. The shimmer pops a little more with top coat in case you’re interested and of course if you are expected extended wear, I recommend base coat, two coats of colour and top coat (and you’ll get 5-6 days of wear no problems with Marc Jacobs I have found and that is including my current dodgy dry, easily split and chip-tastic nails).

The shimmer and complexity of this colour is amazing. It is metallic. It is rose gold. It is coppery. It is easy to apply and spectacular to look at on the nail as well as in the bottle. This one did surprise me because initially I thought it would look dodgy, but it didn’t. It’s very nice, thank you very much. Makes my nails look long (and I’ve been a bit careless with them lately so I’ve got them a bit shorter than I usually have them, so this helps fake length. Like a push-up bra for your nails, hehehe).

The shimmer in the bottle is gorgeous. It is on-trend with all the shimmery nail looks we’ve seen on the red carpet but isn’t show-stoppingly bright. It is neutral with glam. I have no dupes in my collection or anything I could consider as close (I did consider Chanel Delight as a potential dupe but I will have to dig it out of my stash to have a look).

Disclaimer: These were purchased from Marc Jacobs website.

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