Marc Jacobs Lola vs Tom Ford Scarlet Chinois

Is it Marc Jacobs Lola? Is it Tom Ford Scarlet Chinois? You tell me. We have a dupe here fo sho. Looooook!

A little bit of boring background on how I discovered the dupe-tastic nature of these two. I had both swatch wheels out just for fun (as you do) and I did the “holy crap, Batman!”, these two look EXACTLY the same?! Then I thought “no, it can’t be true, surely my eyes be playing tricks?” and then I decided to swatch them on the nail together to see.

My index finger and middle finger are Marc Jacobs Lola and my thumb, ring and pinky are Tom Ford Scarlet Chinois. Now if you can spot the difference, you’re amazing. Seriously. Take a bow. I can’t. The finish is almost identical. So much so that I had to google the parents of both companies to see if they were the same. They are not.

For those of you who care, Tom Ford is an Estee Lauder company. Marc Jacobs is a LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) company. So it wasn’t the same stuff in a different bottle. But given the images above, you’d see why I thought maybe one was the high-end version and one was the lower end version of the same stuff. Sort-of like how fashion houses have their signature range and their budget range. Like how Marc Jacobs has Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. You know what I’m saying? Yeah, you do.

Now given the dupe-tastic nature of Lola vs Scarlet Chinois, I wouldn’t splurge on the Tom Ford. I love Tom Ford, don’t get me wrong (like my love of African Violet polish and their lipstics are to die for), but at nearly twice the price for this I don’t see the value. For a few dollars more you could buy two Marc Jacobs polishes, eg a Lola for your fingers and a…let’s say an UltraViolet….for your toes.

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