Marc Jacobs Lola #134

Marc Jacobs Lola is a bright tomato red (according to the description from Sephora).

I think it is a tomato red. But sometimes it does look like a cherry red. Exactly like maraschino cherries that you find in cocktails (that I love btw. I actually have no shame and will ask for extra cherries if there is one in a cocktail).

The application was a flawless two coats. You could get away with one careful coat because Lola is very very pigmented. I would suggest that you definitely put a good basecoat down with this one as a precaution given the strong colour, even though I had no removal issues or staining issues with Lola at all. It’s just the better safe than sorry with reds, I have had the horror of staining with reds that turn your nails a horrible orangey colour and then you’re trapped in that cycle of trying to grow out the stain (because you can’t buff too much) and you have to wear darker polishes to cover it, further adding to the staining. Better safe than sorry with the reds and the vampy ones if you ask me.

On the nail the colour is a true bright red. It screams red. It is sexy. Super sexy. I painted my nails and Mr Swatchfest definitely took notice of this one and not in a usual “that is nice, dear” kind of way, but more of a “wow, that’s hot”. Lola is hot. She’s not demure. She’s sassy. She is one sexy polish and she knows what she’s doing.

This is very much an attention grabbing shade. I love it but red is my favourite colour and I find that I have the skintone to pull off any red, whether it is in clothing, lip colour or nail polish. Red is my colour and I think on my hands it photographs exceptionally (if I do say so myself).

Disclaimer: Mr Swatchfest bought this from Marc Jacobs website because he is a darling.

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