Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel in Little Pretty, Neo-Noir, Voila!, Showstopper

Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gels are a new lipstick formula for me.

I have 4 beauties to show you. Let me start with a little back story, shall I, of how I got to get 4 of these beautiful lip sticks.

Mr Swatchfest went to Disneyland last year (as I stated in our Happy New Year, sorry for sucking and not posting post) and visited Sephora like all good husbands do and selected 4 lip colours….wait for it…. ON HIS OWN. That’s right. I did not request these colours. He did. Don’t tell me that I haven’t totally blown your mind.

There are 3 Lovemarc Lip Gels in the usual packaging (the uber shiny black) and one Lovemarc Lip Gel in the limited edition red metallic packaging. Red is my favourite colour and it is no surprise that Mr Swatchfest picked this up on packaging alone. Hey, we’ve all been there.

Let’s get to the pics shall we. Here are my nude lips. I have pigmented lips. That shouldn’t deter you, these are bold shades with full coverage with a gel finish, so your lip colour peeking through won’t be a factor.

The colour swatches on the hand are shown below. Glorious colours, aren’t they?

Now onto the lip. I’m a big believer in lip swatches to see how they look against a skintone. I am a fair-olive-toned-neutral kind of girl. I wear Chanel B10 in Vitalumiere Aqua, Chanel B20 in the Vitalumiere powder (the new one), Deauville in Nars (and am either Alaska or Finland in their tinted moisturiser depending on the season). I am classified as NC20 in Mac but find it a little yellow and NW20 too pink. So that gets the skintone out of the way so you know what we’re dealing with.

Now onto the first one. This is Voila! #120. It is a bold pink…it veers into fuchsia territory. Sephora describes it as magenta red. I think fuchsia or magenta offers a truer description – no red on my lips. You tell me what you think:

Then we have the gorgeous Neo-Noir #126. This is a cherry red. Sephora describes it as that too. I agree for once with the description.

Little Pretty #130 is up next. This is a fabulous but edgier colour. My daughter said it was “goth” and I think it is really pretty. Sephora calls it shimmering berry purple. It looks like a sparkly purple to me. This one has a gritty feel unlike the others. You can feel the glitter as you swipe the lipstick on your lips, not so much when it’s on though.

Showstopper #134 is a classic red. I find it leans into a more browned red look on my lips and I find these colours a little ageing to me. I am sure if you have the right skin tone this colour would look amazing.

Overall the formula is fantastic. I find these are moisturising and your lips do feel a bit more plump after wearing the colour all day. They are not super long wearing, they fade over the course of the day and leave a stain, and I did get that dreaded line of colour along the inside of the mouth form (which I personally can’t stand) but reapplication before that happens will keep that at bay.

For our Aussie readers, Sephora will ship these I think and Marc Jacobs website will if you do the sneaky remailer thing (which is how I get their nail polish). The lengths we go to.

Disclaimer: These were purchased as a gift from Sephora Disneyland.

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