Marc Jacobs Lux #124

Marc Jacobs Lux is described as a chartreuse yellow.

In the bottle:

In the photos it does look a little more yellow than in real life. I think in real life the slight green is more visible and it is a very bright polish. This is a traffic stopping shade for sure.

Lux is not the smoothest to apply. I have reviewed a number of the Marc Jacobs polishes and have found that they apply well and remind me of OPI polish (the smooth OPI’s because some OPI polishes I own are a bit streaky – and the brush is very similar) in the delivery and wear. That being said, Lux was a bit of a streaky one to apply which is quite common with the yellow family of polishes. I don’t know whether it is the pigment that makes yellows notoriously difficult across a lot of different brands. I did two coats (no top coat) on my thumb, index and pinky. I did three coats with top coat on my ring finger and three coats, no top coat, on my middle finger. It didn’t smooth out the more coats I applied. Just got thicker.

On the nail:

The chartreuse component to Lux makes it fugly if you ask me. I would have been much happier with a more sunshiney yellow polish. Something peppy and fun and bright. Something like Chanel Mimosa or Deborah Lippmann’s Yellow Brick Road (but with more coverage than this because this jelly was sheer). Instead the greeny-yellow is a little like the remnants of a bad cold (if you know what I’m saying – graphic and way too much information, I know, but it is a little bit like snot).

This definitely is not work appropriate. On any level. Even on a peep-toe pump with a hint of this showing through I think you’d be struggling to rock this in any work environment. It is a different polish though. I own nothing like it (nor do I wish to in the future because it’s not my speed). I might try it again to smooth out the application issues, but as is, I don’t love this colour. I don’t like it. I recognise that it is different and that is good, but that’s where good ends for me on this one.

Disclaimer: This was purchases by the Swatchfest crew from Marc Jacobs website.

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