Marc Jacobs Nirvana #128

Marc Jacobs Nirvana is described as dark army green. I like that the name sort of nods to the band Nirvana, rather than the word nirvana too. Nirvana definitely has a grungy feel to it (not a paradise feel, like the Buddhist nirvana. What would paradise look like on a nail anyways? Hmmmmm).

The colour is very dark. Almost murky. The colour does remind me of Chanel Mysterious in its darkness and khaki colour but the lack of the grey in it means that Nirvana is a truer deep khaki. Bolder. Somewhat brighter and clearer as a colour. I bagged Chanel Mysterious somewhat by saying that it was fugly and murky and wasn’t khaki enough. Marc Jacobs Nirvana definitely fills the gap. It is definitely a dark army green, but it doesn’t veer into what-the-hell-is-this-colour, omg-this-looks-like-the-sludge-kids-have-in-the-paint-pots-when-they-change-colours type of colour. You know what I’m saying. I can see you nodding.

For those of you that are wondering how this compares with NARS Zulu, it doesn’t. Zulu is definitely a darker, truer green rather than khaki and somewhat blacker. I will crack that one out in the coming weeks to swatch it.

Here it is on the nail, two coats (get a load of the shiny gorgeousness).

It’s edgy. It’s dark. It is more than black if you have troubles rocking a black or think black looks a bit goth and you’re not into it. I do really like Nirvana (and was a fan of the band too just in case you were wondering).

In the bottle it’s perty. I love Marc Jacobs bottles. That guy can do no wrong in my eyes (but I do own a little Marc Jacobs black patent bag that is getting a lot of love from me because it’s practical and cute and stylish….sums up Marc Jacobs actually. I digress). Here’s the bottle:

Definitely give Nirvana a go. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Disclaimer: Marc Jacobs Nirvana was purchased from the Marc Jacobs beauty website by Mr Swatchfest because he is superiorly awesome. There. I said it.

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