Marc Jacobs Oui! #118

Oui! Oui! Oui!. Yes, yes, yes. This magenta-violet coloured polish is the shizz.


Oui! is one of the 24 polishes in the newly launched Marc Jacobs Beauty line. It is so pretty. A truly spectacular metallic looking and smooth polish. There is something about Oui! that reminds me of the 80’s. That retro colour that made me think of old Cutex polishes and some of the colours you could get.

Get a look at it. Don’t tell me it isn’t pretty.



Oui! as a colour is magical. It is metallic and complex. There is no question that the colour is a purple. A magenta. A violet. In some lights it’s a deep orchid purple. Either way it is a pinky-purple colour with a metallic / high shimmer finish and it looks fabulous. The shimmer is so fine and suspended in manner that the overall look is almost metallic. There were no brush strokes. No application issues. Just two coats of perfection.



I found the Marc Jacobs formula to be quite smooth and easy to apply. The brush is similar to OPI polishes and the polish formula is on the thicker side and starts to dry quickly. I found this to be the case with Funny Girl, which was also opaque, a little bit thick (but not in a bad way) and dried quickly.

I love the bottle. It is sexy. It is extremely easy to use – the cap removes leaving a smaller cap on the bottle. The bottle is smooth and thinner than it is wide and so sits comfortably in your hand when you apply polish. The shape is unique and I think it’s a shame that I can’t have these on show somewhere because they are showcase worthy. I’m truly loving the look of these.



Disclaimer: Oui! was purchased from the Marc Jacobs website.

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