Marc Jacobs Sally #130

I won’t bore you with the fact that I sing Mustang Sally as I painted this. Dunno why. Granted Sally is a gorgeous blackened-green shimmer. I call these types of colours beetle colours (you know how some colours look like beetles? Or blow-flies?) Yeah, I know you know what I’m saying.

Sally is a very very dark nail polish. It really does look almost black and the green shimmer is only truly visible in bright light and with flash photography. It is still a gorgeous polish. Deep. Dark. Sultry. Edgy.

On the nail this is two coats, no top coat:

As you can see there is no hiding that this is a very dark polish. Some of the bottle shots show the shimmer a bit better, but even then it is hard to capture without tilting the bottle at different angles to get the light right to see the shimmer.

Now with a colour as deep as Sally is, I worried that removal would be a nightmare of blackish-greenish-stain-tastic horror. It wasn’t. One swipe and it was gone. I was very pleased. The application with Sally was like the traditional Marc Jacobs formula smooth, shiny and easy to apply.

Disclaimer: Sally was purchased with a crap load of other Marc Jacobs polishes from the Marc Jacobs website.

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