Marc Jacobs Secret Love #108

Well hello eggplanty gorgeousness! Marc Jacobs Secret Love is a deep dark eggplant purple.

This is a very dark, moody polish. Take a look. It almost looks black in the bottle but there’s a hint of something something going on that makes it look not black (but it definitely verges into super dark almost black territory).

In the bottle you can definitely see what I mean. I love those bottles by the way, there’s some clever, sexy design right there. As for the colour, you can see in the bottle that it is sultry. Glossy. But uber-dark.

On the nail it isn’t way different in case you were thinking that the bottle colour would not translate to the nail and it would be lighter some how. It isn’t. Here’s proof:

These are two coats without top coat or base coat (I wanted to see the stainability of this colour). Removal is good and easy, doesn’t leave any stains on the nails which is a risk with something this deep and dark, and the coverage is very good where you could get away with a single coat. More pretty photos:

The colour is not particularly unique. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark comes to mind as a possible dupe but there a so many brooding deep purples out there on the market that I’m sure that this is easily replaced for a cheaper alternative. Should you buy this colour? Is Marc Jacobs so outstanding that it warrants this purchase? No. Don’t get me wrong. The formula is good and easy to apply. The wear tests that I have done (Gatsby and Oui!) have been fabulous with 5 day plus wear time and chipping was due to my nails chipping rather than the polish (I have been swatching too much and drying out my nails and I’ve been really lax with my nail care routine). The brush is OPI-esque allowing for quick application. I didn’t find this colour streaky but it is $10 more to purchase. Unless you absolutely love the bottles (which are a fabulous an gorgeous), I’d go the cheapy version on this.

Disclaimer: This was purchased from Marc Jacobs website by the Swatchfest crew.

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