Marc Jacobs Shocking vs Tom Ford Indian Pink

Oh yes I do have some news. Marc Jacobs Shocking and Tom Ford Indian Pink are dupes. Don’t believe me. Take a look-see!

In the bottle they are close yet they look like they are different.

On the nail it is a different story. I have Tom Ford on my thumb, ring and pinky and Marc Jacobs on my index and middle finger. Don’t tell me these aren’t twinnies. Because I asked around and everyone said they were twinnies. I defy you to challenge my dupe spotting ability. In all seriousness, I can’t tell the difference. It might be that Marc Jacobs is a tiny bit brighter? Just a tad? But other than that the colour is sooooo close that I would call them a dupe.

In the photo below, Tom Ford swatch wheel is the one at the back, with Marc Jacobs in the front. Look at that for so close it’s not funny!

The original review of Marc Jacobs Shocking is here and Tom Ford Indian Pink is here. They are both beautiful polishes, but do you need both? No.

I have mentioned the formula of these in the past and I believe that the Marc Jacobs formula to be similar to OPI with a similar brush as the wide OPI brushes. I have found that the thinner brush on the Tom Ford polishes can cause some thicker spots or streaks on some of the colours and as a result I prefer Marc Jacobs Shocking to Tom Ford Indian Pink. Add in that I’m a tight-*ss and would prefer to have nearly two Marc Jacobs polishes for the price of one Tom Ford (unless I can justify the Tom Ford purchase because the colour is unique), I would go Marc Jacobs in a heart beat.

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