Marc Jacobs Snap! #114

Marc Jacobs Snap! is a mandarin orange according to Sephora.

Damn you Sephora by the way for not taking international credit cards and not shipping to Australia. Just saying.

I quite like the orangey goodness that this polish is. It’s exactly like a mandarin. I love mandarins. What’s not to love. Except pips. I have this weird way of eating mandarins that my work colleagues used to mock, I need to take all the pith off them first and then I sort them based on ones with pips vs ones without. I never thought it was weird. I found that the pith and the uber-pippy ones ruined my enjoyment of the sweet, tangy, juiciness.

When I look at Snap! I think of that juiciness. That sort of bright but not too bright, true orange. No veering into too yellow or too red territory. It’s just creamy, smooth, orangeness. No streaks. Bright. Fun. Juicy.

On the nail Snap! is a super saturated orange. I wouldn’t classify this as in your face and uber-bright, it’s bright but the hue somehow doesn’t scream orange (like a red-orange would), it screams Spring / Summer, peppy and fun.

This is the third review of the Marc Jacobs Enamored High-Shine Lacquer nail polish formula that I have done. I have reviewed Oui! and Funny Girl. The bottles are gorgeous, the brush is on the bigger side but not massive so it is not unwieldy if you have smaller fingernails, it flows nicely and it dries quickly.

The other side effect of wearing Snap! was me singing “I’ve Got The Power (by Snap!)”. For a song released in 1990 and for me to remember the lyrics…”I’m a lyrical Jesse James”, etc is testament to the power of Snap! and the mood it creates.

Disclaimer: I purchased Snap! from the Marc Jacobs website.

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