Marc Jacobs Ultraviolet #122

Whoa Nelly! How gorgeous is Marc Jacobs Ultraviolet? I loves me some purple as you well know, but this is like a blurple jelly. Look!

Ultraviolet is a spectacular, striking blue-purple polish. The first coat applies very very sheer and looks almost magenta veering to purple (that red-purple). Don’t freak out when you apply that first very sheer coat, the second coat lays down the bottle colour.

I have seen other reviews of Ultraviolet where there have been complaints about coverage and the need for three coats. I didn’t have any issues at all and laid down to thin coats and achieved full opacity pretty easily.

Ultraviolet is also a very very glossy polish. The Marc Jacobs line as a formula is glossy, but Ultraviolet has mirror shine. In the swatches below, there is no top coat or base coat, so the gloss is all Ultraviolet.

In the bottle you can see what I mean by that purple leaning blue colour. Sephora describes the colour as ‘violet purple’ and I think that is not a bad description. Violet is a more blue toned colour, deeper and Ultarviolet is a deeper purple.

I absolutely love this colour. It really is one of my favourites out of the Marc Jacobs line – truly glossy and saturated colour, easy application, no bald spots, smooth and awesome.

Disclaimer: Ultraviolet was purchased from the Marc Jacobs Beauty website by Mr Swatchfest.

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