OMG?!? Has it been that long? Is it 2015?!!!

Hello SwatchFest lovers. It is officially 2015 and I have been remiss and missing in action and all that sort of thing.

2014 proved to be a hectic and challenging year for the SwatchFest household.

We had some lows…bullying at work that made me endure months of crap before finally moving into a new role in October; job loss for Mr SwatchFest with terrible financial timing; family court for more access to Mr SwatchFest’s daughter, house renovations, wedding preparations and the stresses associated with all of these things.

We had some highs….we endured it! We had a court ordered Disneyland trip for Mr SwatchFest and his daughter, the renovated house went on the market and was sold, and we were married in November!

So now that we have the craziness behind us, 2015 will be full of youtube videos, swatches and the sparkling repartee that you’re used to.

Thanks for sticking with me. Happy New Year to you and yours. – xx Kathy

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CND Vinylux Cake Pop #135

CND Vinylux Cake Pop is a light, white-based pink. It reminds me of the finish you’d get when you make cake pops – like the candy coating you dip your cake pops in….shiny and solid in colour and a little bit chalky. This is not one of those polishes that has quite a milky look to it, but it isn’t transparent and jelly-like, it is like a pink-tinged white paint. That’s probably the best description I have. Here’s what it looks like in the bottle:


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